Wall Ball


Purpose: Playing wall ball is one of the most effective ways to improve your game in between team practices.  All you need is you and a wall (without windows).  Find a brick wall that is at least 10 yards long and 10 feet high (the side of a gym, handball court, etc.).  There are several exercises that can be conducted playing wall ball:

Target Practice: Bring some bright colored tape with you and mark a 6” x 6” square on the wall, approximately shoulder height.  Throw with dominant hand and see how many times in succession you can hit the target.  Start with five hits then challenge yourself to 10 hits.  Once you are consistent, switch to throwing with your non-dominant hand.  Once you have gotten accurate, practice ripping it as hard as you can shoot.

Throw and Catch: Stand close enough to the wall so you can throw the ball (above head level) and catch the rebound. 

  • Same Hand: catch and throw with same hand.  Start with five repetitions then challenge yourself to 10 repetitions without dropping the ball.  Keep going until you can complete 50 repetitions without dropping the ball.
  • Hand Switch: throw on one side (right) and catch on the opposite (left).  Repeat.
  • Throw Both Sides: throw on one side (right) and catch on the opposite (left).  Throw (left) without switching sides and catch on the opposite (right).

Catch Off A Bounce:  Line up about 20 feet away from the wall and throw hard, at an angle where the ball will bounce once before returning to you.  Catch off the bounce and immediately throw again.  Keep your feet moving and repeat as many times as possible without dropping the ball.

Walk/Throw/Catch: Walk a path parallel to the wall. Throw and catch while walking along the wall. 

Play With A Friend:   

  • Throw And Catch: Player One throws and Player Two catches off the wall.  Player Two throws and then Player One catches. 
  • Shoot From A Pass: Make a target on the wall that represents a goal.  Player One passes to Player Two who catches, cradles, and quickly shoots.  Player One rebounds the shot as it comes off the wall and passes to Player Two to repeat the drill.

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