TM Job Description




The Team Manager holds an active position of leadership.  Working in conjunction with their coach, managers are the key link between the Thousand Oaks Lacrosse board and team parents.  Managers are their coach’s right hand; the go-to person for anything NOT pertaining to the lacrosse field, so that coaches can put their full attention toward player development.


 Team Manager duties will include: 




Team managers will coordinate one parent to be at each practice and game.  Their role is to assist with player and parent management so that coaches are able to focus on the field.  Along these lines, team managers must understand the club’s code of ethics, as they will be actively involved with parental sportsmanship and athlete behavior at all events. Basic first aid and safety concerns are also handled by the team manager, including but not limited to weather appraisal, field setup/cleanup, player drop off/pick up and injury assessments. 




There will be a mandatory team manager meeting at the start of the season.  This will typically take place during the first week of February.  Follow up meetings will be conducted on a monthly basis via Webex (virtual conferencing) as well.  Specific details will follow.  Team managers are also encouraged to attend the Positive Coaching Alliance training that the league will host prior to the start of the season. 




Our league utilizes Team Snap as a central communication hub for each team.  Your team’s site will include the game schedule, practice schedule, snack rotation, roster and general league announcements. Parents will update player availability for all events here.  The team photographer (and parents) can also upload pictures to this site. 




Team managers will hold a parent meeting at their first practice to discuss team structure and league policies.  Coaches will partner with managers during this meeting as they share about the season with their team.  Team managers may schedule additional meeting based upon the needs of their group.  




Time keepers, score keepers and field marshalls will be needed at most of our games.  The team manager will setup a schedule of parents to fill these roles. 




Team managers will distribute uniforms to players who have ordered them.  They will also check the uniforms of returning players for all mandatory elements and will coordinate numbers to avoid duplication.  Team pennies may also be purchased, a task that will be handled by managers as well. 




Team managers will be in charge of distributing picture day information and/or packages, as well as helping with organization on picture day.  This date is generally on a Sunday several weeks into the season.  Of course, managers will be in the team picture as well! 




Team managers and coaches will work together to organize a kick off pot-luck or pizza party for their team prior to the first game of the season.  This is a fun way for team parents to meet and build excitement for the season. 




Prior to the first game it is helpful to create a smaller sized roster with each player’s jersey number, first and last name to laminate and give to parents for use during games. 




Managers will need to set up a snack schedule for the games.  (this is optional for each team) For each game please assign parents to bring an after game drink and snack.  Coaches may also request a half time snack.  Please discuss this with your coaches and arrange accordingly. 




While most of these events will be handled by the league, it is the responsibility of each team’s manager to communicate about these happenings with their team.  The exception is that the team manager will be the point person as each team works to secure a corporate sponsorship of $500. 




Team managers will coordinate the year-end gifts for the coaches.  


Please coordinate with your head coach as they may have something in mind for their assistants.  You may ask each family to contribute to these gifts on a voluntary basis. 




If this is your first year as a team manager, it may seem slightly overwhelming with so much information coming to you all at once.  Remember, we are here to help and answer any questions you may have.  Your Team Manager Coordinator for the 2016 season is


Joy Springer.  She can be reached via email at  We are confident that you’ll quickly discover that being a team manager isn’t about all the hard work, it is a rewarding way to be an integral part of our lacrosse community!  And to show our gratitude for your hard work, all team managers will receive one registration scholarship for the season.  J


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